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Paper & Markers & Pens, Oh My!

First things first -- paper weight. ElleK Paperie planners are made with 100 gsm paper. "GSM" stands for grams per square weight. The higher the gsm, the heavier the paper. One of the reasons why gsm is important is because the heavier the paper, the more resistant it is to bleeding. Most of us like to decorate our planners, and depending on what kind of writing tools you use to decorate this may make a difference. Which brings me to my next question . . . . . .

What kinds of markers and/or pens do you use? I prefer gel pens, primarily because they write smoother and easier than ballpoint pens. Ballpoint pens are thick, oil based ink and are great for lower quality paper as they don't tend to bleed through.They also require more pressure to write and as a result may cause hand cramps after long periods of use. This is one of the main reasons why I DISLIKE using ballpoint pens. Gel pens are pigmented ink suspended in water-based gel, which allows for smoother flow of ink. Gel pens have a longer drying time than ballpoint pens, so they can sometimes smudge!

As someone who writes a ton, I prefer gel pens as they are better suited for everyday note taking and for those who frequently suffer from hand cramps. If I know I have to take a ton of notes, I make sure I have a gel pen on hand to avoid hand cramps. I also use marker pens to color code different job schedules in my planner. Below are a list of my favorite pens, markers, and highlighters that I use in my planner. I linked below where I've found the best price for these items (these are not paid links), but let me know if you've found better deals for these products elsewhere. Share the love 💙

  1. Sharpie S-gel Pen -- these are my favorite all-purpose pen

  2. Pilot G2 gel pen -- great all purpose pen (also refillable!)

  3. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner --- Love these for color coding!

  4. Zebra Mildliner -- My go-to highlighters

  5. Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip Brush Pens --- great for lettering & drawings, bujo enthusiasts

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