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Hello everyone! My name is Lauren, but most of my friends call me LK. Several years ago I was juggling graduate school, student employment, a bartending gig, and a sports media internship. My day to day schedule was CRAZY and there was zero chance I could plan out my days strictly on my phone. I tried several planners and none of them seemed to fit my needs. I could never find a planner that combined style and function. I wanted a planner that had enough space for me to plan out my day while still looking chic. And so, ElleK Paperie and our weekly planner was born! 

Our vision at ElleK Paperie is to help you organize your life in style. Our brand is focused on style, function, positivity, and most important FUN. We want you to look forward to planning out your week, and inspire you to become your most productive self. 

x Lauren

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